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Bowriders are one of the most popular choices for recreational boaters in Florida. They come in all sizes and varieties ranging from runabouts under 21’ to 37’ mid-cabin bowrider cruisers. Their varieties include ski & fish bowriders, deck boat bowriders, Jet Boat bowriders, and traditional bowriders under 21’ and larger boats up to 30’.

The bowrider designation defines their crucial feature—an open front seating area. This open bow dramatically increases seating room which makes bowriders a favorite choice for day boaters who favor spending a day on the water with family or friends. With no interest in spending the night on their boat, they don't need a cuddy or cabin area.

Boat Propulsion Affects Florida Power Boat Insurance

Along with the great variety of boats and sizes, different hull designs and layouts, the Bowriders powertrains include outboard motors, a sterndrive (I/O), jet drive, or inboard motor. The type and horse power of a boats engines affect insurance premiums. Most bowriders under 30' use a single engine with twins available in some 30’-37' models.

All bowriders are naturally good performers. However, characteristics are different depending on the motor style and the number of engines.

Stern drive power has long been the favored choice for bowriders because of its versatility. Stern drive’s handle well at low speeds, while still capable of high speeds. The excellent acceleration of a stern drive motor allows it to perform well in rough water conditions.

Traditional outboards are also suitable for typical day boating needs for smaller bowriders. Large bowriders require twin engines to produce comparable stern drive performance. Ease of maintenance makes outboard motors an excellent choice for saltwater applications.

Water Jets

Fueling the growth of jet bowriders is their “fun factor.” With adequate power jet boat, acceleration is incredible. The absence of a prop or outdrive on the back of the boat make them safer while adding more space for passengers. Earlier jet boats could be difficult to handle at low speeds, but manufacturers came forward with improvements making them an all-around option. If you’re considering the purchase of an older jet bowrider be sure to do a sea trial. That is the only way to test maneuverability at low speeds.

Inboards are a great propulsion for all watersports because their acceleration is excellent with a minimal bow rise. Inboards however are limited with speeds topping out in the 40mph range, but 40mph is still a good speed for most water sports. While driving inboards can be fun, docking one requires more practice than other power plants.

Trailerable Bowriders
Bowriders under 30’ are generally stored on trailers and launched when needed at the hundreds of boat launching ramps around Florida. If your boating is in Broward County, you might enjoy our Guide to 50+ Launch Ramps in Broward County. Download our launching ramp guide which also includes tips to launch your boat like a pro.

You’ll be surprised at the many variations of bowriders available. Like all boat choices, your pocketbook and boating lifestyle will guide your decision. When it comes to choosing your boat insurance, it would be our pleasure guiding you to the best coverage at the lowest possible cost. Pat Brady and his crew know boats and boaters. They love to help you make buying the right boat insurance easy and understandable.

Since you are on this page, we figured you might be more interested in learning about Bowriders, so we put our Boat Insurance Guide on a page just for details. A fast and easy way to learn what you need to know is to call us at 866.764.1944. As an independent insurance agency with over 50 A+ rated companies to choose from, we compare boat insurance rates and discounts, so you don’t have to.

Types of Bowrider's

  • Traditional Bowrider (21′ and less)

    The conventional small open bow boat is the most common. It features a cockpit, sometimes enclosed by a windshield with the large seating area forward.
    These small bowriders, especially the ones under 19′, are suitable for use on small bodies of water and canals. They should not venture into the ocean because they don’t handle well in rough conditions. Layout configurations are limited in a length of 21’ or less. These are mainly simple boats with bench seats in the bow, one or two captains chairs, and a bench seat in the stern.

  • Traditional Bowrider (22′ and larger)

    This larger size range of bowriders are similar in design, but the size offers more elaborate layouts and optional features. Like all boats, the larger they become, the more they cost. More innovative arrangements are in the 25’ - 28’ sizes. Some of these larger bowriders have seats that switch positions to either accommodate more riders or create a big lounge area behind the steering station.
    One of the more innovative layouts has electric folding seats in the stern that convert to loungers or different seating configurations.

  • 30’ + Bowriders

    This size range of bowriders is a whole new class with many available with twin engine packages. The 30’+ bowrider is typically wide-beam boat suitable for use on a rough body of water. Often these bowriders are kept in marinas because their wide-beam puts them over the legal limit for hauling down the road without a permit. In most states, the legal width for a trailer is 8’6″, and some of these bowriders can be 9’6″ wide and over. Many boaters still haul them but keep in mind that you will need an appropriate permit.

  • Mid-Cabin Bowriders

    Demand for even larger bowriders with cruising accommodations has created this relatively new style. Mid-Cabin Bowriders have all the advantages of the seating capacity offered in a large bowrider while having the amenities of a cabin.

  • Fish Bowriders

    If a traditional bowrider suits your day boating lifestyle, but you’d like to include fishing occasionally, a ski fish bowrider might be perfect for you.
    These boats have a traditional bowrider seating layout, but with removable seats that double as fishing chairs. You’ll see a photo of one in our gallery of vessels below. Fish Bowriders often also have features like a trolling motor mounted on the bow, a livewell, rod holders & fishfinder. Expand your boating lifestyle with two boats in one, a pleasure boat and a fishing boat.

  • Bowrider Deck Boats

    Another version of bowrider is the deck boat which is similar to a traditional bowrider, but it tends to have some pontoon boat qualities above the waterline. Deck boats still have a fiberglass bottom often with the same hull design and running surface as the traditional bowrider. The big difference between deck boat and a conventional bowrider is the deck boats much broader bow design. If you want the extra deck space of a pontoon boat along with the performance of a bowrider, then check out the Bowrider Deck Boat. The newest models between 22-26′ also include enclosed head compartments.

  • Jet Boat Bowriders

    Currently, Jet Boats are the fastest growing segment of the bowrider market. Their styling and shape are similar to traditional bowriders. Jet Boat Bowriders are typically 20′-24′ in size. Placement of jet engines allows for a spacious cockpit as builders eliminate the sunpad that traditionally extends over the stern drive motor. The new layout provides extended seating further back.

    Eliminating an aft prop is a significant safety factor, along with the ability to operate in shallow water. Jet performance is a big plus making them a perfect propulsion choice for watersports. Unlike a prop engine, the jet engine accelerates fast, and they can turn on a dime. View our video to see how a jet engine works.

If boating is your favorite social activity or your favorite sport, there is a bowrider package that is sure to fit your lifestyle. The vast variety of bowriders make them one of the most popular boats on the water.

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