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Cruising boats are as different as cruising lifestyles. Owners of fast cruisers wouldn’t be interested in a trawler and vice versa. If you are considering a cruising boat, you can choose between day cruisers, weekenders, and long-range cruisers. There are offshore cruisers, cruisers capable of ocean crossings, and even cruisers like the Ranger Tug that you can trailer. Sometimes cruisers are referred to as cabin cruisers or motor yachts. Yes, even a 38 footer is considered a motor yacht.

Trawler Boat Insurance

If you aren’t in a hurry to get anywhere, a leisurely vessel choice might be a trawler. Even in the trawler designation, there are fast trawlers (though not as fast as most motor yachts) and slow trawlers. Factors determining trawler speed is the hull shapes and power output. Hull shapes include displacement hulls, semi-displacement hulls. A semi-displacement hull will plane at about 12 knots and above with 18 knots as a top speed. The hull shape along with engine power will determine cruiser speed.

A trip to the Bahamas in a fast planing hull might take three hours from Fort Lauderdale while single engine displacement trawlers need eight or nine hours.

Our cruising boat insurance is designed for large cruisers and trawlers from 27’ to 37’ and under $350,000 in value.

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Inboard engines typically power cruising boats with only the propeller shaft outside the hull. These power systems include both single engine and twin engine installations that use either gasoline or diesel fuel. Your choice of gas or diesel fuel is a contributing factor in premium cost so consider talking with us before you buy your cruiser.

Cruising Power Boat Insurance

Significant characteristics of all cruisers are their accommodations. Sleeping and cooking capabilities set cruisers apart from other medium-sized watercraft. Smaller power boats sometimes have sleeping berths but rarely provide equipment for sufficient cooking. A cruisers level of comfort and functionality is limited only by budget, boat size, and design. With generators to power refrigeration and air conditioning, a cruiser offers all the comforts of home. Sort of like an RV on the water. That lifestyle association goes two ways as some proud RV owners refer their vehicles as land yachts.

Because of the complexities of systems and equipment in cruising boats, choosing the right cruiser for your lifestyle preferences requires research, both in reading and talking with other cruising boaters. Put a conversation with us somewhere at the top of your list, so you know what insurance you need to protect your beautiful boat, your family, and friends.

Our customers represent all cruising lifestyles. We know their boats and their unique insurance requirements. As an independent insurance agency, Brady Insurance Group can provide comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. With many boat insurance carriers to choose from, we shop rates, so you don’t have to.

Visit our Details page to review our easy to understand insurance guide. Better yet, call us at 866.764.1944 for quick answers to your questions and a fast boat insurance quote.

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