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Factors That Affect Premium Cost
See details at left.
• Type of Boat
• Boat's Value
• Boat's Length
• Use Of The Boat
• Age Of The Boat
• Type of Engines
• Navigational Area
• Insurance Claims
• Boat Ownership Experience
• Boating Education and Safety Equipment
• Age Of The Operators
• Your Credit Score
• Motor Vehicle Driving Record

Boat Insurance Discounts
Yes—they compound! See details at left.
• Multi-policy Discount
• Full-pay Discount
• Homeownership Discount
• Boating Education Courses
• Easy Pay Plan®

Other types of Protection
Additional options coverage may be required for things like:
• Special fishing gear
• Expensive electronics additions
• Accessories
• Oil spill cleanup
• Wreck removal
• Boat trailers
• Towing
See details at left.

No one likes to read insurance policies (even if you have the time), so we created this summary of boat insurance coverage and options to make boat insurance easy to understand.

What does boat insurance cover?

Boat insurance policy terminology varies between companies, as do their insurance policy terms and conditions. There might be similarities, but a slight variation can make the difference between o-k coverage or excellent coverage. Understanding boat insurance terminology is just another reason to work with the crew at Brady Insurance Group; they are boat insurance specialists and they love helping you understand what it all means.

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The world of insurance can seem like a confusing maze. We educate you why obtaining a policy with is the best idea and we also explain different options about protection, coverage, and cost.

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