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Personal Watercraft and Wake Surfing are two of the most active water sports for family and friends of all ages. Both types of watercraft are inherently adventurous, fun, exciting, and just the thing to escape the everyday.

Like every boat and boating lifestyle there are nuisances within each sport category offering a different experience, appeal, and cost.

Florida Jet Ski Insurance — what’s in a name?

Do you want PWC or jet ski insurance? PWC, Jet Ski, and Waverunner are pretty much the same water toy. Some are lightweight and reasonably priced while others are bigger, faster, heavier and more luxurious. Waverunner’s came on the scene 30 years ago with the introduction of Yamaha’s iconic WaveRunners®. Production of the first marine jet - the WaveRunner 500 began in 1986. Jet Ski is a name branded by Kawasaki so waverunner and jet ski became generic names much like kleenex. Call it what you like, they are all fun.

Until 2014 the the average age of a personal watercraft owner was 48 years old. PWC’s became predominately sit-down models with more luxury features and bigger price tags. That PWC growth direction changed when Sea-Doo introduced it’s jet ski Spark with an entry level price tag of under $6,000.

A personal watercraft is technically a powerboat, but only because it floats.
PWC’s offer the same boating experience as a traditional boat— hang at the beach or the cove, cruise, tow a single-rider tube, or even fish—but most PWC owners think it’s a lot more fun then a boat. Many PWC’s have gone beyond the water toy category to become finely tuned water motorcycles. Kawasaki currently has a model with a 310 horsepower engine that reaches speeds exceeding 70 mph.

A big advantage of a PWC is ease of ownership; fuel and annual maintenance cost less, a pair of PWC can be towed with a van or compact SUV, and while you’re off at work, two with a trailer will fit in your garage.

Jet Ski Lifestyle Insurance

The crew at Brady Insurance Group work with hundreds of PWC owners every year. They know PWC’s and their different owner lifestyles. If your PWC is your first watercraft or and addition to your fleet, Pat Brady’s crew will help you choose the right insurance coverage with the most discounts. Boat insurance coverage from Brady Insurance Group will keep your days care free whether your PWC is in your driveway or on the water.

Call us now at 866.764.1944. We love making boat insurance easy to understand and economical to buy. And if a PWC peril ruins your day, be rest assured we will give you the same level of attention if you need to file a claim.

Want to jump in before you call, visit our Boat Insurance Guide for complete coverage details.

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