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Wake surfing, also called board surfing, is the newest thing to become a watersports lifestyle — but not at the beach. Surfing behind boats has captured the imagination of teenagers, parents, and grandparents. A new category of affordable surf boats makes it an entry-level boating activity that anyone can share and enjoy. Besides the action sports challenge, board surfing’s appeal is its real friends and family boating experience. With the surfer close enough to people onboard, they can interact with everyone in the group.

Much like the adrenaline pumping jet ski experience – wake surfing is an activity that appeals to an extensive range of boaters. Though advertising images often portray wake surfers as 20-somethings, in reality, the person on the surfboard is just as apt to be that 20-something’s parent.

Florida Board Surfing Boat Insurance

Although wake surfing’s appeal may be broad, the actual boat owner will most likely be a boomer – that is for now. Boomer’s easily adapt the board surfing sport, especially if they used to wakeboard or slalom ski. The speed of a wake surfing boat is about one-third that of a water skiing boat making falls less impactful. The benefits of a somewhat low speed also appeal to the less experienced surfer. Probably only the boomers would know the difference because wake surfing is excitingly fast and challenging. The premiums for board surfing boat insurance will be determined by the variables listed on our Boat Insurance Guide page.

Playing behind boats adds some inherent dangers that require driver and crew diligence along with comprehensive boat insurance coverage. Insuring people is easy to understand because boat insurance medical coverage is similar to car insurance. However, insuring the surf boat category is complicated because the boats cross into two distinct systems of propulsion – traditional inboard-powered towboats and newly engineered “surfable sterndrives.”

A traditional sterndrive-powered towboat has the propeller extending aft which is problematic for pulling a surfer. The new “surfable sterndrive” has the propeller forward of the outdrive while tucking it safely under the boat. Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive is credited with this engineering. Volvo’s forward drive propulsion is a refinement on the traditional V-drive but produces a great surfing wake while contributing to easy maneuverability.

Jet Engine Propulsion
Many bowrider wake boats use water jets for propulsion. Jet engine placement allows more space in the cockpit and absence of a prop allows builders to extended seating aft. Absence of an aft prop is also a significant safety factor. Jet performance is a big plus making them perfect propulsion for watersports. View our video to see how water jets work.

As boating experts, the crew at Brady Insurance Group know the different machinery and gear specific to Wake Surfboats and they know the details of the coverage you need to protect you, your guests, and your boat.

With Pat Brady at the helm, his crew will guide you through the coverage choices you need at rates you can afford. Call them now at 866.764.1944. With over 50 A+ rated companies to choose from Pat’s crew will compare rates, so you don’t have to.

Visit our Boat Insurance Guide for complete coverage details.

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